When breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned

In theory, breastfeeding is supposed to be straightforward. In reality, this is not the case. Healthcare professionals encourage new moms with “Breast is best,” and many new moms enter motherhood with every intention of breastfeeding their baby.   So what happens when breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned?   We have to adjust to our newContinue reading “When breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned”

Telling your story as a path to healing from birth trauma

As many mothers do, I began my pregnancy journey with expectations of what my pregnancy would look like. I hired a doula, researched EVERYTHING I could find about the birth process, and ultimately decided that I would have a drug-free, natural labor. I wanted to wait until I was in the second stage of laborContinue reading “Telling your story as a path to healing from birth trauma”

Parenting as a performance art

Motherhood and all that the word entails has changed in recent years. With the development of the Internet and subsequently, of social media, motherhood has become less a private relationship with your child or children, and more a performance for others to comment and weigh in on. We post pregnancy announcements on Facebook, and nowadays,Continue reading “Parenting as a performance art”

Body positivity and losing weight— are they mutually exclusive?

If you scroll Instagram and search the hashtag #bodypositive you will find thousands of gorgeous, curvy women and men (!) flaunting their perfectly imperfect bodies. It’s pretty fantastic and helps us to realize that that the flawless, thin models that society has historically exalted just aren’t the norm. Seeing these men and women remind usContinue reading “Body positivity and losing weight— are they mutually exclusive?”