Perinatal Mood Disorders

Being a new parent, no matter how you came into the role, can be difficult. It’s not unusual to experience feelings of sadness, anger, irritability, or intrusive, unsettling thoughts. No one talks about the shame and stigma attached to mental illness, and this is especially true if a new birth parent is suffering from it. I want you to know that whatever you are facing, I’m here with you.

No one points out that a birthing person’s humanity and sense of worth are somehow diminished the moment a child enters the into the equation. Your children are so important, but you know what? So are you. Your health matters.

My goal is to give you a safe place to vent your feelings, and work through the issues that being a parent presents in order to come to a happier place in your life, and love yourself for the person you are.sunrise

Through therapy I can help you develop a toolbox of skills to use when the world feels overwhelming. With your tools you can learn to foster a more positive outlook, challenge your fears, utilize self-care techniques, and fully embrace your worthiness as a person.

I have speciality training working with Postpartum depression and anxiety from Postpartum Support International, and I come to session as a person who has experienced the unpredictability of birth and the postpartum experience who can empathize with you.


Anxiety disorders can be socially and psychologically crippling. It often has you feeling like you’re constantly on edge; or that you’ll never measure up, no matter how hard you work or how far you push yourself. There is so much going on inside your own head you can’t keep up with what’s happening around you. Or maybe you find yourself assuming the absolute worst case scenario is 100% going to happen.

Your emotions and are valid, and being told to, “Just get over it,” generally won’t help. However, you can learn to use coping skills to bring you back down to earth, take a breath, and break things down piece by piece until it’s no longer overwhelming.

It can get better. I promise.

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