I offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments, individual, and family psychotherapy.

Individual Therapy

If you’ve called to set up a therapy session, you’re probably close to your emotional limits. Given that reason, assessments generally take about 60-70 minutes, and once we’ve discussed your reasons for coming, we can jump right into skills to use to help reduce those feelings of suffering and distress. That initial session gives me the information I need to establish a diagnosis (if applicable) as well as to develop individualized goals for therapy that is tailored to your specific needs. Subsequent therapy sessions are generally about 50-60 minutes. So, once we have some coping tools that work, we’ll use those subsequent sessions to get to the root of the problem; process through any traumas; as well as deep dive into some CBT and Mindfulness-based DBT techniques to get you out of that negative feedback loop.

Family (or Couples) Therapy

Sometimes (Who am I kidding? A LOT of the time) it’s not just the birthing parent who is struggling. In those cases, I am more than happy to get partners involved in the therapeutic process to help support their loved ones as well as to address any emotional baggage they may be carrying themselves. In family sessions we focus more on improving communication and fostering emotional connection between partners.


Online therapy sessions are conducted through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform (Zoom!) and ensure accessibility to therapy for those who live outside the midlands, as well as for those who may have a disability or are struggling with pregnancy or postpartum related complications. It’s also completely understandable that with a new baby sometimes leaving the house is just too much to ask, so we can be flexible and transition from in-person to telehealth quickly. All you need is internet access, a computer, or a smart device.

ESA Assessments

If your school, landlord, or employer is requiring you to complete an emotional support animal assessment before approving your furry support, I would love to help you get that letter and the accommodations you need. Assessment times vary by individual case but expect about 3 sessions minimum to complete. I ask that animals being considered as ESAs be potty-trained and well-behaved