I offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments, individual, and family psychotherapy.

Assessments generally take about 75 minutes, and cover vast facets of your life. In an assessment, I will ask about childhood, family dynamics, employment, hobbies, current problems, as well as an array of other aspects of your life. This will give me the information I need to establish a diagnosis (if applicable) as well as to develop an individualized treatment plan with you that is tailored to your needs. As soon as we’re done with the intake process, we’ll jump into coping skills to utilize right now. Once we have some tools that work, we’ll use our subsequent sessions to find the root of the issue, and work through CBT and DBT informed therapy to suss out the illogical beliefs that are likely keeping you in that negative feedback loop.

Individual and family therapy sessions will generally last about 50 minutes to an hour, and will address the issues and goals you set in your initial session.

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